This workshop aims to promote the real-world impact of ML research toward self-driving technology. While ML-based components of modular stacks have been a huge success, there remains progress to be made in the development of integration strategies and intermediate representations. We invite contributions discussing the following topics, in order to empower the next generation of autonomous vehicles:

  • Representation learning for perception, prediction, planning, simulation, etc
  • Approaches that account for interactions between traditional sub-components (e.g., joint perception and prediction, end-to-end driving)
  • ML / statistical learning approaches to facilitate safety / interpretability / generalization
  • Driving environments / datasets for benchmarking ML algorithms
  • New perspectives on the future of autonomous driving

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    Speakers (Invited / Contributed)
    Call for Contributions

    There will be a best paper award for each track!

    Selected submissions will be given oral presentations onsite.

    Important Dates

    • Deadline for first-round submission of contributions : Feb 15, 2023, 23:59 Anywhere on Earth.
    • Deadline for second-round submission of contributions : Mar 1, 2023, 23:59 Anywhere on Earth.

    Submission Tracks

    To promote a diversity of content, contributions can be in the form of (1) blog posts, (2) github repositories, or (3) PDF documents (2-8 pages). Further, there will be two submission tracks:

    • Track 1: Research Insight
      • Submit an analysis or a reimplementation of others' work that you wrote. You are a reporter / critic in this track.
      • Authors will have to declare their conflicts of interest (both positive or negative) with the paper (and authors) they write about (e.g, recent collaboration, same institute, challenge competitor).
      • Submissions will be reviewed for significant added value in comparison to the cited paper(s).
      • The analysis must be supported by accurate and clear arguments.
    • Track 2: Original Contribution
      • Submit original work of your own, which has not been published previously.
      • Submissions will be reviewed for claims supported by convincing evidence.

    Format Guidelines

    • For blog posts, please submit a URL containing the content to be reviewed. There is no specific size or formatting template enforced for this track. Please refer to the ICLR 2022 blog post track website for some content examples.
    • For repositories, please submit a URL to the primary README.md file that describes how to run the code.
    • For PDFs, please use the ICLR template. Submissions can be in the extended abstract (2-4 pages) or full paper (4-8 pages) formats. The page limits do not include references or appendices.


    • Submissions will be through OpenReview.
    • The review process will be single-blind.
    • Submissions and reviews will be private. Only accepted contributions will be made public.
    • The workshop is a non-archival venue and will not have official proceedings. PDF submissions can be subsequently or concurrently submitted to other venues.
    • All accepted contributions will be presented as posters.
    • At least one co-author of each accepted contribution is expected to register for ICLR 2023 and attend the poster session. Remote attendance is permitted.
    • All the accepted contributions will be available on our workshop website, though authors can indicate explicitly if they want to opt out.

  • Contact Us with Prefix [ICLR 2023 SR4AD]
  • Schedule (Tentative)

    Please select your time zone:

    8:50, May 5 Li Chen Introduction and opening remarks
    9:00, May 5 Hang Qiu Awesome Talk
    9:30, May 5 Hang Zhao Awesome Talk
    10:00, May 5 Li Chen Contributions
    11:00, May 5 Coffee Break Coffee Break
    11:30, May 5 Dengxin Dai Awesome Talk
    12:00, May 5 Yiyi Liao Awesome Talk
    12:30, May 5 Lunch Break Lunch Break
    13:30, May 5 Jamie Shotton Awesome Talk
    14:00, May 5 Mengye Ren Contributions
    15:00, May 5 Coffee Break Coffee Break
    15:30, May 5 Christos Sakaridis Awesome Talk
    16:00, May 5 Bo Li Awesome Talk
    16:30-17:30, May 5 Mengye Ren Panel Discussion