Welcome to the CVPR 2023 Workshop on End-to-End Autonomous Driving!

This workshop aims to bring together leading researchers and practitioners to discuss upcoming paradigms for autonomous vehicles. Central to the program is a series of invited talks and four new challenges in the self-driving domain. Each challenge combines new perspectives of multiple components in perception and planning compared to conventional pipelines. Winners of the challenges will present their results and insights as part of the workshop. We invite researchers around the world to build new algorithms to tackle these challenging, real-world autonomous driving tasks!

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  • Schedule

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    Time Speaker Theme Content
    Jun 18
    Ziwei Liu Welcome and Opening Remarks
    Jun 18
    Deva Ramanan
    Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    MultiModal Perception of the 4D World for Autonomous Navigation: Flexible Maps, Fusion, and Forecasting
    Jun 18
    Phil Duan
    Tesla, USA
    Building Vision Foundation Models for Autonomous Driving
    Jun 18
    Invited Talk
    3D Occupancy Prediction
  • Chonghao Sima: Scene as Occupancy (25 min)
  • Zhiding Yu: 3D Occupancy Prediction based on Forward-Backward View Transformation (20 min)
  • 11:05,
    Jun 18
    Coffee Break - -
    Jun 18
    Patrick Langechuan Liu
    XPENG, China
    The Practice of Mass Production Autonomous Driving
    Jun 18
    Host: Tutian Tang OpenLane Topology Challenge
  • Introduction (10 min)
  • Innovation Award: PlatypusWhisperers (5 min)
  • Honorable Runner-up: Victory (5 min)
  • Outstanding Champion: MFV (5 min)
  • 12:20,
    Jun 18
    Lunch Break - -
    Jun 18
    Jose M. Alvarez
    Camera-based Perception for AV: From Data Collections to Network Robustness
    Jun 18
    Sergey Levine
    UC Berkeley, USA
    Learning Navigation from Offline Data and Online Finetuning
    Jun 18
    Coffee Break - -
    Jun 18
    Alex Kendall
    Wayve, UK
    Do 2023's AI Breakthroughs Apply to AVs too?
    Jun 18
    Host: Pat Karnchanachari nuPlan Planning Challenge
  • Introduction (20min)
  • Innovation Award: AID (4 min)
  • Honorable Runner-up (3rd): pegasus_weitao (4 min)
  • Honorable Runner-up (2nd): autoHorizon2023 (4 min)
  • Outstanding Champion: CS_Tu (4 min)
  • 16:30,
    Jun 18
    Yuning Chai
    Cruise, USA
    Scaling the AV across the US
    Jun 18
    Shenlong Wang Panel Discussion with Deva Ramanan, Sergey Levine, Alex Kendall, Yuning Chai, Hongyang Li


    Challenges [Website]

  • We are proud to announce four brand-new challenges this year, in collaboration with our partners - Vision-Centric Autonomous Driving Workshop and the nuPlan team from Motional.

  • The challenge is not solely about winning top place with tricks and ensembles. Each track is set with cash prizes to award both top entries as well as innovative submissions. The award committee will select the most innovative submissions to present their work live.

  • General Rules at a Glance

  • We organizers unanimously agree that research should be equal to everyone in the world and apart from other factors. As such, all companies/individuals, regardless of region/belief/etc. can participate in the challenges.
  • Workshop organizers and their teams can participate in a particular track, as long as they are concealed from test data and not a member of the Award Committee.
  • Any endeavors found to hack test data/annotation will lead to disqualification from the competition.

  • For more details, please refer to the full rules here.


    Workshop Organizers

    Challenge Organizers

    Track 1: OpenLane Topolopy Challenge
  • Huijie Wang

    Huijie Wang

    Shanghai AI Lab

  • Yang Li

    Yang Li

    Shanghai AI Lab

  • Feng Wen

    Feng Wen


  • Tutian Tang

    Tutian Tang


  • Track 2: Online HD Map Construction Challenge
  • Yicheng Liu

    Yicheng Liu

    Tsinghua University

  • Tianyuan Yuan

    Tianyuan Yuan

    Tsinghua University

  • Track 3: 3D Occupancy Prediction Challenge
    Track 4: nuPlan Planning Challenge
  • Pat Karnchanachari

    Pat Karnchanachari


  • Dimitris  Geromichalos

    Dimitris Geromichalos


  • Holger Caesar

    Holger Caesar

    TU Delft

  • Steering Committee

  • Yu Qiao

    Shanghai AI Lab

  • Dahua Lin

    Shanghai AI Lab

  • Jun Yao


  • Junchi Yan

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Andreas Geiger

    University of Tübingen

  • Jifeng Dai

    Jifeng Dai

    Tsinghua / Shanghai AI Lab

  • Wanli Ouyang

    Shanghai AI Lab

  • Cong Shi


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